Update on TheDommeNextDoor.com today!

This slave was smart enough to bring Me some new boots.What kind of
Mistress would I be if I didn’t reward him but smashing in his balls with them? Since ball busting always makes Me hungry, doing so before
he made Me and My boyfriend dinner was the perfect time. Needless to say this one was fun!

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New STRAP-ON update on www.TheDommeNextDoor.com come get your medicine!

Oh my how many cliche remarks can I make about this clip?…

Its was STRAP-ON time in the Edmonds household and I thought someone needed some special healing! Having the stupid fucked out of you is always good to do once in a while. I gave this one a big dose of My medicine. Enjoy!

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Update on www.TheDommeNextDoor.com one of My fav clips to date!Lets kick some balls!

Ahhh ball kicking. What a genuine disgrace and punishment for being male. This is truely one of My favorite things and there will definetly be more like this on the way! Enjoy!

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Home and tired

Im home from My trip out to Seattle. I cant believe how busy I was! I only booked 1 shoot so I could spend time with the fam and it seems like I spent more time in the car than anything else! The shoot went well though so be sure to keep an eye out on LostBets.com. My average bed time was 8am (my time) so you all can imagine how quickly I went to My room and slept after getting home this am. I miss all My people out there and hopefully it wont be long til Im out there again.

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Update going up on www.thedommenextdoor.com this am.SOOOO SHAMEFUL!!!!

Chastity devices are meant to keep you from getting too excited and cumming right? I must have underestimated My skills! 5 minutes in to this video and this guy busts! Tied to the bed and being verbally tortured with hot sexy things that will never happen to him must have been too much. Never thought I would see it, but it happened!

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Ahhh strap-on time

Ahhh strap-on time. I truely love it. In fact I take time out of particularly stressful days for it. Clears My head ya know? Here is one of those days.


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Valentines Day

I did not have a hot date last night, but I did go out with my best friend!
We have decided to be each others “boyfriends” since we are both single and guys we run into have no brain. We met for dinner where we exchanged flowers, chocolate and jewelry. Living in a super conservative area it was funny to see peoples faces when you could tell they thought we were gay. Who cares!? My flowers were better than theirs! LOL After a super cute chick flick (No Strings Attached) we went and had a few drinks then I came home. It really was a perfect night.

A note to those who say they hate Valentines Day: maybe if we all treated each other the way we should, and shared more of our love we wouldnt have to make a whole holiday of it.

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New pussy worship video on www.TheDommeNextDoor.com.You know you want it!

Having worms balls tied to a door and make
him worship My pussy was nothing less than
a test of will.Too bad he had to go a fuck
up by allowing himself to indulge when the
rope came undone.More bleeding for you dumb

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Shooting for Kink.com

I recently got home from CA from working with Kink.com. Divine Bitches welcomed Me in with open arms and spread legs!! I had a really great time working for them and I cant wait for the video to come out. It was a very hot scene (no really I havent sweated that hard in a long time!) so be sure to grab it when its out. I have a feeling I’ll be back there very soon. Thank you Kink.com, you kinky ass bastards you!

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New www.TheDommeNextDoor.com update.CBT in the morning ALWAYS makes Me smile :D

New update today! I really do love Me some CBT…

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